Forgiveness Day celebrations in 2020

Forgiveness Day 2020 was successfully held, celebrated and marked despite the COVID 19 pandemic mainly restricting the activities to media and online activity.

Forgiveness Day borne out of the Forgiveness Campaign is a people driven initiative. The love and adoration the Somali people have for this peace initiative is in itself a lifeline of sustenance. The people and stakeholders are very supportive of the initiative in the smallest ways possible, some in kind, some by just being present, some volunteer to be guest speakers while others like TV stations offer subsidized rates and credit facilities just to see the activity succeed. We were able to get branded materials on credit just in time for the 2020 celebrations.

Here some of the links of the one hour debate televised via SNTV ,Mogadishu Cable TV ,Somali Cable TV , Universal TV and other news channels:-


Government Involvement

On the 28th of July 2020, CAFIS team organised a great initiative to mark Forgiveness Day 2020. Officials from the President’s Office, the Prime Minister’s Office, and from Mogadishu Mayor’s office were all in attendance.

In Mogadishu, the Forgiveness Day 2020 celebrations were held at the Peace gardens. Over 150 people attended, comprising majorly of youth and women. The uniqueness of the 2020 Forgiveness Day was that, more than ever before, women were predominantly involved in organizing and in making presentations. Earlier on Wali Hashi participated in a morning show in SNTV alongside a popular Imam and a peace activist Fardowso Hussein Ali. The one hour programme was a curtain raiser to the main Forgiveness Day programme at Peace gardens.

In Holland Amsterdam, Abdullahi Taajirow hosted two well-known Imams to a discussion on the importance of Forgiveness. It was a successful interactive session with many questions, answers views and opinions.

In London, Universal TV hosted a one hour hosted by Abdihafid Mahamud Jama (CAFIS England Representative) on the most popular IFIA program. Wali Hashi was also on the panel at some point as there was a call in session on the importance of peace and the future of the campaign.

In Turku, Finland Forgiveness day was marked by over 100 persons who congregated in open air with strict safe social distancing.

In Nairobi, CAFIS Kenya representative, Journalist Abdullahi Ahmed Ali held a one hour televised debate on CAFIS’s Forgiveness Campaign its importance and future of the peace initiative. He also ensured airing via Somali Cable TV as a news item as well as a one hour discussion and debate programme.

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