Forgiveness Day celebrated on 28th June 2019

The second Forgiveness Day was marked and celebrated successfully on 28th June, 2019 in at least 16 cities all over the world. This time very many people were willing and volunteering to come out and tell their stories.

There were so many willing Somali victims and perpetrators lined up to tell their stories. This year CAFIS was overwhelmed with 103 ready guests who were voluntarily willing to come to CAFIS TV shoots and participate in the Forgiveness day discussions, debates and presentations.

Four TV channels were broadcasting the event ensuring a very wide reach of the events, discussions and debates carried out.

This time round the Federal Government of Somalia was more actively involved and showed more commitment going forwards.

The Federal government of Somalia through the interior Ministry was represented by Ms. Sadia Elmi, Delivery and Performance Management, the Ministry for Interior, Federal Affairs and Reconciliation, Somalia. The Federal government pledged to offer more support for the civilian initiatives like CAFIS’ Forgiveness Day initiative. The ministry found the civilian initiative quite impressive and a very effective tool for cohesion in the larger Somalia community.

The Mayor of the Mogadishu Mr. Abdirahman Omar Osman, who is head of the executive branch of Mogadishu, the capital of Somalia was also in attendance.

There was also notable representation from the Federal Government of Somali’s Ministry of Information who reiterated that the government is now thinking on how to make official the new happenings that comprise of Forgiveness campaign activities.


(Where Forgiveness day was officially marked and celebrated). Galkacyo, Kismayo, Dhusamareb, Garowe, Beldeweyne, Mogadishu and Baidoa. Cities around the Globe where Forgiveness day was marked;


Celebrations to mark Forgiveness day were successfully held in London, Mainz in Germany, Scandinavian cities of Stockholm, Copenhagen and two cities in Finland: Helsinki and Turku.


In Mogadishu, the Forgiveness Day celebrations were held at the Peace gardens. Forgiveness ceremony in Mogadishu was very emotional. There were some very touching stories covered. These appealed most to the audiences.

Case Example;

Abdirisak who lost both his hands when he was a young boy. A member of his family tortured him and as a result of that torture, he lost both of his hands. He came to the Peace garden and publicly forgave his step-mother who was responsible for the irreversible loss of his hands. This was a very remarkable and moving story. It achieved quite a lot in terms of spreading the message and culture of forgiveness.


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